Ad Compliance

We’re committed to providing our partners with transparent, precise, and accurate solutions. When you work with GroundTruth, we strive to ensure that your ads are reaching real people, in the real world.

Brand Safety

We partner with several organizations to monitor and minimize ad misplacement next to inappropriate content. We also maintain our own manually curated global whitelist of apps, as validated by DoubleVerify, so that your ads run on pre-vetted, brand safe inventory. Furthermore, if we find that a publisher does not meet our guidelines, we have a strict policy that can result in a lifetime ban from our tight ecosystem. We’ve also been audited by UK provider ABC and were awarded the JICWEBS Brand Safety (DTSG) seal.


We offer our clients the highest mobile viewability scores through our partnerships with DoubleVerify, IAS, and MOAT—consistently achieving the industry benchmark of 70%+ viewability with IAS and DoubleVerify. Additionally, we continue to work closely with MOAT and publisher partners to scale measurability across our network.

Fraud prevention

We’re the largest pure-play location platform to be certified by the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG) against fraud. In order to receive this certification, we work directly with Pixalate to implement rigorous measures to actively monitor, detect, and block general and sophisticated invalid traffic on our network.

Demographic compliance

We provide our clients with verified demographic targeting at scale. We’ve worked with Nielsen to consistently test and optimize our network to achieve higher than industry benchmarks when validating age and gender targeting for our campaigns. Our clients can feel confident in knowing that their messaging will reach their intended target audience with precision and accuracy.