The goal:

To raise awareness around Goodwill locations in the United States, driving users into donation centers, encouraging donations and supporting Goodwill’s mission of helping people find jobs.

Our location solutions.

Goodwill erkannte die Möglichkeit, durch hyperlokales Targeting auf nationaler Ebene gezielt solche Zielgruppen anzusprechen, die viel bewirken.

Goodwill and GroundTruth determined that Hispanic users were most likely to donate at Goodwill centers nationwide and were more likely to engage with the campaign. GroundTruth’s Audience technology was applied to identify and target the mobile activities and locations of these user groups in their daily lives.

In order to increase local foot traffic, GroundTruth Dynamic Fencing technology focused additional attention on the areas near Goodwill stores and donations centers nationwide.



Case Study / Goodwill

We helped Goodwill gather audience insights and as a result, spiked nationwide donations by increasing visits to donation centers.

1 %

lift in store visitation