The goal:

To bring awareness and drive donations to the Taco Bell Foundation and its Live Más Scholarship for students whose passions may not fit into the conventional “academic” or “athletic” scholarship categories.

Our location solutions.

The location-based campaign encouraged individuals to visit a nearby Taco Bell and purchase the highly popular Doritos Locos Taco. A portion of all sales would be donated to the Live Más Scholarship.

Auf Mobilgeräten wurden Creatives mit einer Entfernungsangabe geschaltet, um für mehr Besuche in den Filialen von Taco Bell zu sorgen.

Location Audiences enabled Taco Bell to reach the most engaged people in this campaign. Taco Bell targeted core audience groups: Taco Bell Fans, Competitive QSR goers, Community College Students, and Generation Z.


Case Study / Taco Bell

Dank der erhöhten Aufmerksamkeit in den Medien und dem Anteil des Kaufpreises konnte Taco Bell 500.000 USD an die Live Más Scholarship spenden.

Stammkunden zeigten das höchste Engagement. Fast 1 von 4 Verbrauchern besuchte Taco Bell nach einer personalisierten Anzeige auf seinem Mobilgerät.

Third-party validation from Placed, a leader in ad to in-store attribution, indicated the campaign resonated well among young men. Males 18-24 years old over-indexed as the most receptive audience to campaign messaging.


thousand visits to Taco Bell locations